Large amounts of data


If your company needs to store large amounts of data, we can help you. We integrate AWS S3 services.

We offer integration services with AWS S3

On any of our platforms, we can integrate AWS S3 services so you can store and make large amounts of data available.

The best of all? We can generate Artificial Intelligence models based on the stored data so that you can predict the behavior of your clients or the needs of your business.


99.9% Availability: your data available all the time.

AWS Integrations: our platforms have integration with AWS S3.

AI Models: We can generate predictive models of your company’s behaviors and/or needs based on the stored data.

Want to know more?

When contracting a project management platform with us, we include FREE VPS hosting.

Keep your company safe and with the latest technology.

We offer scalable VPS hosting services, to grow when your company needs it.

FREE SSL security certificates during the entire time of contracting our services.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

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